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Network Resources

Bubtaina Group ltd
Holding company

Managing resources with third party organisations to provide more resources


Webup Ltd

Data Containers

ONLINE Datacenters, available  in different locations through dedicated channels for out clients

Business Partners

Cloudbase Technology Ltd

We  help you understand trends and ideas that are in your data to see  value in the information you have.

SARADEX International

With offices globally export, import,  contracting and franchising opportunities are met with a group of partners

Dive Master International
 Marine Technology

MARINE Construction and environmental  technologie

Cloudbase Solutions Ltd Service Provider

Lost any objective in the clouds? You do the dreaming while out teams fly and get the big picture to your needs, name it. It's cloudy, but I'm sure  we can find a solution!

British MEDITERRANEAN Exchange
private solutions

We view compliance as an opportunity to help make your business more efficient, accountable, and  profitable.

SocialBiz Ltd
Human Resources

We provide a wide range of HR consulting services designed to support your organization's success.